Holy Cats! The trash, superhero film “Isolation Man” is screening at the Main Panel Room at 6:30pm at the McNichols Building on the last day of DiNK Indie Comic & Art Expo! Holy Smacks! What are they thinking? It’s so bad! YOU’LL LOVE IT!

Here’s the schpeal:

“Isolation Man” a new, mockumentary trash feature film about a superhero, “The Exquisite Vanishteer,” whom accidentally vanishes the human population of the western hemisphere and must now deal with the consequences of the catastrophe comes alive for your trashy enjoyment. The independent feature presents a no budget superhero genre film in a hilarious composition, while being self deprecating and absurd. The film is so bad you’ll enjoy it!

Denver comic book artist, director, producer, and lead actor Daniel Crosier was the driving force behind the project. Co-director Dane Bernhardt, alongside a local support system of family and friends were also involved with the film. This includes Denver punk music legend and actor Little Fyodor, stage actor Brian Natale, and performers Allan Elijah Cutler, Joey Armstrong, Dick Black, Nicolas Hadacek, Lawrence Contreras, Seth Iniguez and more. The post production process was spear-headed by producing & editing partner Peter Dougherty, along with Norman Dillon, with a score developed by Denver-based bands Faceman and The Limbs.

Isolation Man is based on the comic book “The Exquisite Vanisher” created by Daniel Crosier, Zach Meyer, and Alex Meyer. The character was the result of witnessing how people view other cultures and peoples and reacting negatively toward them. A weird unnecessary thing that can result in tribalism and racism. Something very sad. The Vanishteer reflects that un-empathetic perspective and is very shallow. Crosier’s goal for the project was to see independent comic book storytelling expanded upon in different mediums. The comic book can be downloaded as a pdf: https://isolationmanmovie.com/attachments/vanishteer-reprint-reading.pdf

He speaks to the main theme and production, “Having the Vanisher character, accidentally making everyone disappear, certainly allowed for us to have a small, intimate cast.” Crosier says. “Limitations breed innovation. Art reflects life as the self-indulged Vanishteer cannot relate to others different from him as the modern political atmosphere has changed to one of intolerance.”

In 2011, Crosier approached Bernhart about developing the mockumentary film project that was designed to be no budget, ridiculous, and bizarre. Crosier’s influences for the project range from absurdist humor such as Monty Python to current programming on the cable channel, Adult Swim, and John Waters’ Pink Flamingos. The film is ready to be experienced by audiences everywhere.

Crosier reflects about one of his favorite moments during filming. “I had a great time waving at joggers while shooting a scene while sporting the Vanisher’s hallmark ascot, poop stained tighty-whities and mask. I throughly confused many people along the South Platte River that day. Good fun!”

To learn more about the film visit www.isolationmanmovie.com and www.misassembly.com. Clips may be viewed on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfcK_zJg8e59lRtDANhlnE7JtkhUV7-zC.