ShowDevils #4 cover art by Daniel Crosier.


Denver, CO – The ShowDevils’ comic book series is based on the sideshow performance troupe, ShowDevils, featuring the blue, puzzle-tattooed performer,  “The Enigma,” featured in the X-Files and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, and Serana Rose with Shea Freelove.   The project needs financial backing to come to fruition which the creators are hoping may be generated through a Kickstarter campaign.  The Kickstarter campaign invites others to participate in the production of this endeavor by aiding in crowd-funding and partaking in it’s incentives. Visit the Kickstarter campaign at If the Kickstarter campaign is successful for ShowDevils #4, Misassembly will unveil the new book in August 2017.

The latest comic book in the series helmed by Denver artist Daniel Crosier, depicts the ShowDevils’ misadventures best summed up as “Scooby-Doo” meets Rob Zombie’s “The Devil’s Rejects”. The new book is a series of short stories for the troupe.  Cover artist and writer Daniel Crosier with illustrators Rio Burton, J. James McFarland, and Dion Harris are the creative team for the project.
The comic book will be published by Colorado-based Misassembly, a Denver-based creative company.

The main protagonist in the series, The Enigma, career began as a sideshow performer and spans over two decades from shows at Lollapalooza, opening for Nine Inch Nails, to being featured in the “X-Files”, “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” and recently on the Travel Channel’s “Making Monsters” series. Serana Rose has been performing sideshow for several years and has established herself as a mainstay on the sideshow circuit. On stage, they breathe new life into an classic art form with their talent for humor, wit, music, and modern presentation that is supported by their disciplined sideshow skills honed for years that leave the audience in awe.

Daniel Crosier is best known as a wood-burning, mixed media, comic book artist with past credits including “Bartholomew of the Scissors”, “Distortions Unlimited”, and “Vincent Price Presents.” Crosier was also featured on the Travel Channel’s, “Making Monsters.” Illustrator J. James McFarland is an established illustrator.  Rio Burton is an up and coming illustrator and designer.  Dion Harris is a freelance artist who has worked for ShadowFist Games, Paizo, and on projects such as High School Heroes and The Burning Metronome.

ShowDevils #4 picks up where book #3 left off. The Enigma and Serana Rose are traveling to the next gig accompanied by Shea. In this new saga, they find themselves battling a clumsy pumpkin-headed psycho, a behemoth construct made of burlesque performers, and the return of their arch nemesis, Mr. Osgone.

ShowDevils #1 was released in June 2012 at Denver Comic Con, written by Daniel Crosier and illustrated by Karl Christian Krumpholz, followed by ShowDevils #2 with Crosier, Stan Yan, and Jolyon Yates.  ShowDevils #3 arrived in 2013 with the talents of Joe Oliver and Gerhard Ka’aihue.

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