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Isolation Man’s Backstory?

Exquisite Vanishteer Comic Book

“Isolation Man” a new, mockumentary, feature film about a superhero, “The Exquisite Vanishteer,” whom accidentally vanishes the human population of the western hemisphere is now available for free download on Vimeo at  

Isolation Man is based on the independent comic book “The Exquisite Vanisher” crafted by creative trio of Daniel Crosier, Zach Meyer, and Alex Meyer. 

Crosier’s goal for the project was to see the independent comic book expanded into different mediums.  

“This project had legs that went beyond the printed page” – Crosier 

The main character was the result of Crosiers’ observation of rampant xenophobic views.  “The Vanishteer is the void of empathy,” Crosier explains. “In addition, he’s a also a mashup of a narcissistic and a village idiot. You don’t know whether to punch him or feel sorry for him, sometimes you’d like to do both.”

The film was shot in various locations in Colorado on a micro-budget.  “Limitations breed innovation and we found a way to make it work, Crosier explained.

Crosier’s influences for the project range from absurdist humor such as Monty Python to Adult Swim, and John Waters’ Pink Flamingos.

Clips may be viewed on YouTube at